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Member Listing
3M Innovative Paper Technologies  (I)
3S Industries  (M)
Ace Equipment Co  (I)
Acme Electric Corp., Power Dist. Products Div.  (M)
Acutran  (M)
Adams Magnetic Products  (IMA)
Amgis LLC  (M)
Amidon, Inc.  (IMA)
Arbon, Inc.  (I)
Badger Transformer Co., Inc.  (M)
Basler Electric Co.  (M)
Bicron Electronics Co.  (M)
CET Technology, LLC  (M)
Cortec Enterprises LLC  (M)
Cortran, Div. Molitor Associates, Ltd.  (I)
Cramer Coil & Transformer Co. Inc.  (M)
Custom Magnetics Inc.  (M)
Datatronics Inc.  (M)
Dexter Magnetic Technologies  (IMA)
Dongan Electric Manufacturing Co.  (M)
E Craftsmen Corporation  (M)
ECI  (M)
Elantas PDG, Inc.  (I)
Electro Assemblies Corp.  (M)
ELTEK International Labs  (I)
Ensign Corp.  (M)
Epcos Inc.  (M)
Fair-Rite Products Corporation  (IMA)
Ferroxcube USA, Inc.  (IMA)
Foremost Plastic Products Co., Inc.  (I)
Gabrian International, Ltd.  (I)
Grand Transformers Inc.  (M)
Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited  (M)
HiRel Systems  (M)
Infolytica Corporation  (I)
Lamination Specialties  (I)
Lenco Electronics Inc.  (M)
M. C. Davis Company, LLC  (M)
Magnetics  (IMA)
Manutech Assembly, Inc.  (I)
Mar-Bal, Inc.  (I)
Micrometals Inc.  (IMA)
Micron Industries Corp.  (M)
Miles Platts Limited  (I)
MTC Transformers  (M)
National Magnetics Group, Inc.  (IMA)
New England Wire Technologies Corp.  (I)
Northlake Engineering Inc.  (M)
Nova Magnetics Inc.  (M)
Piremag Corporation  (I)
Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation  (I)
Plitron Manufacturing Inc.  (M)
Power Source Manufacturers Association  
Precision Inc.  (M)
RAF Tabtronics LLC  (M)
REA Magnet Wire Company, Inc.  (I)
RMS Inc.  (M)
Rubadue Wire Co.  (I)
Sigma Electronics, Inc.  (M)
Signal Transformer  (M)
Standex Electronics  (M)
Superior Essex  (I)
T. J. Assemblies  (I)
Tempel Steel Co.  (I)
The Eraser Company, Inc.  (I)
Thomas & Skinner, Inc.  (I)
Torotel Products  (M)
Tranco Production Machine Ltd.  (I)
Transformer Manufacturers, Inc.  (M)
Triad Magnetics  (M)
TSC Ferrite International  (IMA)
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.  (SA)
Von Roll/Dolph  (M)
Warner Power LLC  (M)
TTA Membership Categories
(M) - Manufacturer
(I) - Industry Supplier
(IMA) - IMA Working Group
(SA) - Safety Agency

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