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The Transformer Association (TTA) is a trade association of primarily North American transformer and inductor manufacturers, industry suppliers, safety and regulatory agencies, and consultants.

This site showcases equipment and surplus raw materials available for sale directly from TTA members. Materials are listed under the appropriate headings and are continually updated by our members. Product may be purchased directly from the TTA member listed. Contact information is available by each listing. All transactions for the purchase of materials will be made between two parties–the buyer and seller. The Transformer Association will not be responsible for any transactions initiated through this site.

TTA makes no representations or warranties concerning the equipment, materials, and products listed on this site. TTA is not a party to any transactions entered into through this site and cannot and does not offer any guarantees or warranties. The listing of items on this site is solely for the benefit of TTA’s members, and TTA has no control over the terms and conditions of any such listings.

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